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This is us and we are here.


Dive headfirst into this portrait of our city, told through snatches of overheard conversations and snapshots of stranger’s lives. It’s those countless little moments that shape who we are, and why we are here.


Funny, sentimental and a little absurd – We Are Here weaves together a powerful collection of stories from the imaginations and real lives of our Neighbourhood Company through spoken word, performance and song.


Bush Theatre’s Neighbourhood Company are a group of 20 local people who have been working with theatre company People Show to devise a thoughtful, dynamic and inviting production, to which everyone is welcome.

Bush Theatre - 31st March - 2nd April

19:30 and one matinee at 14:30 on 2nd April.

Tickets are Pay What You Can, from £0 - £10.

Book Here. 




Photos below by Ylenia Margareci


People Show 142: WE ARE HERE

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