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List of Publications

Here are some books and journals which discuss People Show both in the terms of our own practice but also the wider context of contemporary performance. You can of course also buy the People Show's own book in our shop.

Disrobing the Spectacle: Five Years of Experimental & Fringe Theatre

Ansarge, Peter (1975) London, Pitman Publishing

A Potted History of the NRLA

Bowman, Jason (Oct/ Nov 1993) Hybrid Magazine, Issue #5

BritishTheatre Companies: 1965-1979

Bull, John (2017) (chapter on People Show by Grant Tyler Peterson

Performance: a critical introduction

Carlson, Marvin (1996)  London & New York, Routledge

Dreams and Deconstructions. Alternative Theatre in Britain

Craig, Sandy, ed. (1980) Derbyshire, Amber Lane Press Ltd

Devising Performance, a critical history

Heddon, Deirdre & Milling, Jane (2006) London & New York, Palgrave Macmillan

Environment and Happenings

Henri, Adrian (1974) London, Thames & Hudson

Too Much. Art and Society in the Sixties 1960-75

Hewison, Robert (1986) London: Methuen

Interview with Mark Long

Hulton, Peter (1981-82) Dartington Theatre Papers

Fringe, The People Show

Jay, David (1971) TES, September

The Politics of Performance. Radical Theatre as Cultural Intervention

Kershaw, Baz (1992) London: Routledge

The Creation and Development of People Show #52

Kirby Nes, Victoria (1974) The Drama Review: TDR, Vol18, No.2

About the People Show

Long, Mark (1971) in The Drama Review, vol.15,no.4

The Traverse Theatre Story 1963-88

Macmillan, Joyce & Carnegie, John (1988) Methuen Publishing

Performance Art Memoirs. Volume 1

Nuttall, Jeff (1979) London: John Calder Publishers Ltd

Performance Art Memoirs. Volume 2

Nuttall, Jeff (1979) London: John Calder Publishers Ltd

Bomb Culture

Nuttall, Jeff (1968) London, Paladin

Devising Theatre. A practical and theoretical handbook

Oddey, Alison (1994) London, Routledge

Fringe First. Pioneers of Fringe Theatre on Record

Rees, Roland (1992) London, Oberon Books Limited

Happenings and Other Acts

Sandford, Mariellen Reed. (1995) London & New York, Routledge

Contemporary British Theatre

Shank, Ted (1996) London, Palgrave Macmillan

Breaking the Boundaries: The People Show, Lumiere & Son and Hesitate and Demonstrate

Sobieski, Lynn (1994) Shanks, Theodore, ed. Contemporary British Theatre, Macmillan Press Ltd

Towards a Performance Theory: The People Show Project

University of Antwerp (1977) 

The Sense of the Sublime: The Influence of The People Show

Wilson, Snoo (Nov 1979) Plays & Players Vol 27, #2

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