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People Show has a long history of making site specific work in a myriad of spaces in many shapes and sizes from a phone box to a glass house. Whatever the location we always let the space lead us where it wants to go! 

Site Specific Shows

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People Show 136 : The Cinema Museum A show made with students from Univ. of Roehampton, 2018


People Show @ Horniman Promenade performance created with students from Univ. Of Roehampton at Horniman Museum. 2017

People Show 131: Putney Library Promenade performance at Putney Library made with students from Univ. of Roehampton, 2016.

People Show 128: The Crypt Promenade performance made in crypt of St Mary Magdalene's Church Paddington, 2015.

People Show 126: The Brewery Show Promenade performance made in old Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, 2014.

People Show 122: The Pump House Project Promenade performance in PumpHouse Gallery & Battersea Park, 2011.

People Show 120: The Workshop Site Specific show in People Show Studios London, 2009.

People Show 117: The Birthday Show Promenade performance including cabaret on a bus, 2006.

People Show 119: Ghost Sonata Promenade performance in Sefton Park Glass House made as part of Liverpool Capitol of Culture, 2008.

36. The Boat Show_Alternative

People Show 109: The Boat Show Promenade performance on HMS President, Thames River, London, 2001.

People Show: Portsmouth Promenade performance in and around Portsmouth College, 1994.

People Show 99: The Ballroom Show Theatre show performed in ballrooms, 1993.

People Show 91: The Boxing Show Promenade performance made at Waterman Arts Centre, Brentford, 1986.

People Show 90: The Italian Cabaret Open air performance made in Polverigi Italy, 1985.

People Show 70: Pictorial Splash

People Show 40: Ghent Landing Gallery based happening in Ghent Belgium, 1971

The Yellow Suitcase Show 1966 street happening involving 20 yellow suitcases converging in Soho!

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