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People Show and the University of Roehampton present and celebrate their 11th consecutive show.  


 26 individuals over 2 weeks (credited at the bottom) explored the medium of film, with a focus on presenting and being in the present. 


People Show artists Gareth Brierley, Fiona Creese worked with the students to devise the material and Maya Willcocks edited the project.


The project takes inspiration from Television and shows us what happens when the cameras are on and off.

P e o p l e  S h o w  1 4 1 : 
Presenting The Present

Scroll down to see each video


Performed and Devised by:

Sophie Megan Darwood

Maria Clemen James

Brandon Maxwell

Jake Pele Hayden

Georgeluca Lopez Nunn

Morgan Fountain

Holly Elizabeth Harris

Annabel Ursula Black 

Jasmine Metcalf

Marcia Santilal

Lucy Hoang Thi Nguyen

Tia May Redgate

People Show Artists: 

Gareth Brierley 

Fiona Creese

Owen Bob Adam Johnson 

James Michael Embleton

Monel Bailey

Nareem Ekow Coleman

Lauren Anne Higginson

Samuel Jay Laughton

Benjamin Jack Moussy

Deija Amaironi Myles

Fransia Parker

Liesa Refflinghaus

Phoebe Joy Thomas

Rachel Elizabeth Ruby Pohl

Leila Jafri 

Producer: Maya Willcocks

Music: Ana Ruiz Pedreno

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