1966, a basement somewhere in Soho. The People Show was born. Born site specific, immersive, installed, devised, screaming and always visual. It has been ‘performing art’ ever since.


1978, in yet another attempt at financial survival, they took a slight turn, into the world of cabaret.


People Show Cabaret toured the world.


With the company now archiving and reflecting on their first 50 years, they surge onwards.

From the troubadours of the Parisian boulevards of yesteryear to the dark global corporate domination of today, People Show 137: God Knows How Many, will take you to precisely nowhere. But on the way you will laugh and feel a sense of what it is we might all be doing here.


Which is all they ever really wanted.


Emil Wolk, George Khan, Mark Long - three People Show

stalwarts - and the genius of Bill Palmer, founder of Avanti Display, come together once again for a new show. New and on the other hand old. Years of tumbling, verbal and musical gymnastics are re-visited and taken to the next dimension. A darker dimension where the cursory, momentary nature of life is confronted full on. Where the black hole of life itself, after all those years, is finally challenged.

And Chahine looks down upon them. He smiles.

Our performance of People Show 137: God Knows How Many at

Lancaster Arts on 21st March has now been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For more info see Lancaster Arts website. 

Southwark Playhouse, 5th - 29th February 2020

Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol, 12th - 14th March 2020

Conceived and devised by the company: Mark Long, Emil Wolk, George Khan, Bill Palmer, Marty Langthorne and Nigel Edwards


Co-producer Maya Willcocks

PR Cliona Roberts

Marketing Sam McCauley 

Special Effects Design by Bill Palmer and Dr Dave Southall

Maureen’s Voice Nicola Blackwell

Additional Arrangements Nick Tigg

French Radio Fred D’Faye
Filming Zadoc Nava

Photography Sheila Burnett

And of course the support and contribution of the People Show core company.

"Theatre without the People Show would be like music

without Rock n Roll" Sam Shepard

"Thought-provoking, sidesplittingly funny and really

not boring" Stamp Collecting Monthly

All images by by Sheila Burnett. 

P e o p l e   S h o w  1 3 7 :  G o d   K n o w s   H o w  M a n y







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