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People Show 135: Under The Influence is a work in progress that was first presented at Artsdepot as part of their 2017 Room Festival.

The piece seeks to question what happens to us when we try to see ideas and thoughts from an opposing perspective. How our opinions are shaped and formed by what we hear, read and see in this media driven age?

It was last presented as a one man show by People Show artist Gareth Brierley, who performed in a metallic tinfoil set. 


Conceived and devised by the company:


Performer Gareth Brierley

Design Jess Worrall

Assistant Designer Emma Tompkins


Sound Rob Kennedy


Lighting Design Nigel Edwards

P e o p l e  S h o w  1 3 5 : U n d e r  T h e  I n f l u e n c e 

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