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An unconventional adventure across eons, years, weeks, minutes and seconds.   


A Man and A Woman question their place on earth and their place at the dinner table. Can listening to Chris Rea give any insight on the matter of interplanetary colonisation? What would be the best strategy to secure an impromptu date at the local Italian? What happens when we look so closely at a stranger we begin to see their past appear between the gaps in their teeth?​

Premiered 8th June 2016 as a part of the Swaledale Festival at Richmond, Yorkshire

Also performed as part of People Show: 50th Year at Toynbee Studios.


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Created & Performed by:


Gareth Brierley, Fiona Creese, George Khan & Mark Long  


Lighting Design:

Nigel Edwards


Guy Carpenter & Zadoc Nava


Dates: coming soon

People Show 132: The Story of Us 

Story of Us-8
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