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Sidelined in the wings of a theatre in the back streets of Amsterdam, four old men try to save their dying cabaret act. Broken, ill and dejected they try to copy younger, more successful counterparts - with the poignant aim of reinventing their glory years.


Funny, moving and beautiful bizarre, The Jossers is an examination of what happens when the laughs stop and the audience go quiet. 

The Jossers reunites the original members of People Show 75: Cabaret - George Khan, Mark Long, Emil Wolk and Chahine Yavroyan in a short film especially created to mark our 50th Year.


The film was completed in May 2016 and had its public premiere as part of People Show's 50th Year Celebration at Toynbee Studios in December 2016.  

The Jossers is currently being shown as part of the reuglar programming on ShortsTV  across Europe, North America and Asia. 


We are still also interested in screenings at international film festivals. Please contact us for details. 

Festival Screenings:

The East End Film Festival 2017

River Film Festival Padua Italy 2017

New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival 2018

Created by: 

Gareth Brierley, Sadie Cook, Fiona Creese, George Khan, Mark Long, Emil Wolk, Jessica Worrall & Chahine Yavroyan



Nicole Black, Ira Brand, Laura Cox, Amanda Hadingue, Lyndal Marwick, Bernadette Russell, 

Kimberley Sanders, Nick Tigg, Belle the snake & Lola the dog 


Director: Gareth Brierley 


Production & Costume Design: Jessica Worrall 

Make Up Design: Charlotte Kaufman 


Director of Photography: Jonathan Bloom


Sound and Edit: Rob Kennedy


Film Crew: Andy Hills, Charlie Hughes, Hubert Felix & Christian Carter


Producer: Kimberley Sanders 

Photography: Zadoc Nava

Cabaret Production Stills 2015-41
Cabaret Production Stills 2015-37
Photo 24-06-2015 10 47 02
Cabaret Production Stills 2015-26
Cabaret Production Stills 2015-3

People Show 129: The Jossers 

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