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Devised by:

Gareth Brierley, Sadie Cook, Fiona Creese, George Khan & Jessica Worrall 


Performed by:   

Gareth Brierley, Sadie Cook, Fiona Creese & George Khan

Design by Jessica Worrall


Video & Sound by Rob Kennedy


Lghting Design by Nigel Edwards

Photography by Zadoc Nava


"A relevant, timely piece that looks at the role of the media and the government in producing a climate of fear."

Everything Theatre 

"Unquestionably disorientating and captivating"

The Scotsman

A short but intense performance piece that examines the themes of isolation, media induced fear, mass extinction and football post-match analysis. Performance, film, sound, live music and light combine beautifully in this new exciting work from the People Show Company. ​​


Completed Performances:

Toynbee Studios London: 28th & 29th November 2014

CCA, Glasgow: 17th - 21st June 2014

Toynbee Studios: 4th & 5th December 2016


People Show 124: Fallout is available for booking.  If you are interested then please do contact us

Fall Out-4
Fall Out-13
Fall Out-10
Fall Out-7

People Show 124: Fallout 

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