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An epic, bizarre and strangely moving exploration of AI and apocalypse” The Stage ★★★★


Four broken A.I. entities  are trying to make sense of the world but no longer have the correct information. These are The Diviners. In their fragmented state they explore a nether world, between the lines of stories and through unheard harmonics of music. Is this where the truth really lies?


The Diviners premiered at Golden Goose Theatre, Camberwell, London on 10 October and ran for three weeks until 28 October 2023.


Now available for bookings in 2024/2025. Email Producer Maya Willcocks on to find out more. 


★★★★ The Stage “Humorous and somehow profound...great fun on the surface with great depth beneath.”

★★★★ Salterton Arts Review “Witty, touching, and thought-provoking...this is a piece of theatre which has already wormed its way into my brain.”

★★★★ London Theatre1 “Intelligent and perceptive, and it’s short and sweet without being rushed or saccharine.”

TheReviewsHub “Thoughtful, funny, romantic and philosophical...what may happen if AI is left to run without human intervention or guidance.”

AUDIENCE REVIEWS (watch more here)

Jeremy Swift “A knockout show!” 

Josette Bushell-Mingo “It was absolutely amazing!”

Audience Member “Blindingly Brilliant, Bonkers, Beautiful!”

Photos by Zadoc Nava

Conceived and devised by the company: Gareth Brierley, Sadie Cook, Fiona Creese and George Khan.


Plus each show features one secret guest artist from the extended (and extensive) People Show family. Our guests at Golden Goose Theatre were: Bernadette Russell, Maya Willcocks, Denis Buckley
Zoe Charles, Jeremy Swift, Nick Tigg, Nicola Blackwell, Tyrone Huggins, Amelia Pimlott, Sian Williams, Laura Cox, Christine Entwisle, Nicole Black, Josette Bushell Mingo and Jack Trow

Lighting Design & Sound Nigel Edwards

Producer Maya Willcocks 

Floor Design Amelia Pimlott
Fight Director Vincent Keane

Flute George Khan
Double Bass Malcolm Creese
Technical Support Paul Gavin

Trailer by Maya Willcocks, footage Manus Fraser

People Show 145: The Diviners

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