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Four broken A.I. entities  are trying to make sense of the world but no longer have the correct information. These are The Diviners. In their fragmented state they explore a nether world, between the lines of stories and through unheard harmonics of music. Is this where the truth really lies?

Cast & Creative

Fiona Creese

Gareth Brierley

George Khan

Sadie Cook

Plus each show features one secret guest artist from the extended (and extensive) People Show family.

Bernadette Russell
Maya Willcocks
Denis Buckley
Zoe Charles
Jeremy Swift
Nick Tigg
Nicola Blackwell
Tyrone Huggins
Amelia Pimlott
Sian Williams
Laura Cox
Christine Entwisle
Nicole Black
Josette Bushell Mingo
Jack Trow

Producer - Maya Willcocks

Lighting Designer - Nigel Edwards

Press - Martha Oakes PR | Sue Lancashire & Martha Oakes

Marketing - Sam McAuley | makesthree 


Coming to Golden Goose Theatre, London from 10th - 28th October 2023 at 7:30pm

Tickets £12 / £16. Purchase them via the Golden Goose website




The Golden Goose's dedicated theatre bar

People Show 145: The Diviners

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