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People Show are once more in residency at Toynbee Studios for an eclectic three day event of performance and music including the premiere of our new performance for radio show to be broadcast live on Resonance 104.4FM.




23rd November 19:30pm



A single chair. 

An open space. 

One lighting state. 


Set free by an open brief, five artists from People Show’s 51-year history are invited to perform ten-minute original pieces. 

Appearing are: Zoe Charles, Jack Trow, Michele Moran, Denis Buckley & Laura Milnes.

There will also be a chance to see a scratch performance of a People Show 135: Under the Influence a work in progress created during a week long residency at Arts Depot by People Show artists Gareth Brierley, Jessica Worrall, Emma Tompkins & Rob Kennedy.

24th November 19:30pm



A live improvised new work with People Show artists Gareth Brierley & Fiona Creese as two people stranded in the middle of nowhere attempting to make a radio show. With sound live mixed by Rob Kennedy & Jessica Worrall.


An audience is invited into the studio and we promise not to go silent on air for more than 63 seconds.

This programme will be live Broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM from 8pm - 10pm.

Follow this link to listen back to the radio show.

November 25th 19:30pm


“George’s music and compositions inform who we, the People Show, are. One of the thrills of my life has been to be allowed to play with George Nisar Khan.” – Mark Long


Back by popular demand, Mr George Khan and his team of musical wonders will entertain you with songs, dances and low rumbles. Please be warned, contains sax.

George is joined onstage by Terry Day, Pete Lemer, Tony Reeves, Mike Figgis, Dave Chambers, Mark Long, Sadie Cook and Gareth Brierley.




Toynbee Studios 
28 Commercial Street 
E1 6AB 



All events are £8/£6 concessions.

To Book:

Follow links here

23rd November: People Show Presents

24th November: On Air

25th November: An Evening with George Khan 



Or phone Box Office: +44 (0) 20 7650 2350

People Show 134: Live & On Air 

George Khan

George Khan

People Show 135

People Show 135

Zoe Charles

Zoe Charles

Jack Trow

Jack Trow

Michele Moran

Michele Moran

Denis Buckley

Denis Buckley

Laura Dee Milnes

Laura Dee Milnes

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